Useful information

Info for the Buyer

Buying real estate in a foreign country is an important and responsible event on the one hand and on the other hand it is an event full of joy, especially if it is Spain. We will do our best to make the whole process fast and as stress free.

If you are looking to buy a house in Spain here is some information..

  1. Taxes and costs at buying.

Besides the main price indicated by the seller the buyer is to pay the taxes (simultaneous VAT or equivalent tax and the other ones), as well as the Notary services that may come up to 12-13% from the main price and up to 18% if there is a mortgage.

  1. Taxes and costs to maintain the property.

-Community charge is the payment for communal areas, maintenance of the residential areas. Here everything depends on the requirements of the community, for example, the costs will rise if there is a lift, swimming-pool, gardens, SPA, etc. and can be from 100€ per year to 100€ per month. The owners of houses or villas not belonging to any residential or urbanization are to assume the costs for their own gardens and swimming-pools.

-Yearly property tax also depends on the property type, size and its location and its cost can vary between 50€ and 1.000€ per year.

Apart from these there are extra costs such as water, electricity, telephone, Internet costs, insurances, etc.

If you wish to get additional information, please contact us and we will be pleased to answer your questions.


Also, you would definitely like to know about the buying procedure in Spain. In general, the steps are as follows (for non-residents):

1.Property choice;

2.Reservation payment (generally between 3.000€ and 10% of the price), upon signing the Reservation contract to remove the property from the market;

3.Opening bank account and funds transfer to it;

4.NIE preparation (Identification Foreign Number);

5.Mortgage preparation,  if necessary;

6.Signing deeds and mortgage contract;

7.House-warming party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Info for the Seller

If you are looking to sell your property you should first be sure of its actual price. We would be happy to help you to value your house.
Please remember that when you sell your property, you are obliged to pay the capital gains tax (Plusvalia), the amount of which will depend on the location, the local council and how long you have owned the property.
In the case of a non fiscal resident, you have to pay 3% of non-resident tax on the price of the sale of the property.
To put your property up for sale you will be asked for the following:
-DNI, passport and/or NIE
-copy of title deeds and/or note Simple,
-last receipt of electricity, water, gas.
-last receipt of IBI/Suma;
-energy certificate,
-certificate of second occupation (if applicable);
-Inventory list;
-keys if you don’t live there.
-certificate of community charge.
-certificate from the Bank (in case of a mortgage)
On our part we are committed to do everything we can to sell your property. Making commercial photos, publishing your property in several national and international portals, etc.